Natural Blue Zircon 8.5mm
Natural Blue Zircon 8.5mm

Natural Blue Zircon 8.5mm

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Weight (carat): 6.07
Clarity: Loupe clean
Size: 8.50mm mm
Colour: Vivid Blue
Shape and Cut: Round Brilliant
Origin: Kambodia
Heated: true


A pair of natural Blue Zircon gemstones weighing 6.07 carats in total, with each gemstone measuring 8 mm, offers a stunning combination for jewelry creation. Blue Zircon is renowned for its vibrant blue color and exceptional brilliance, making it an excellent choice for earrings, where its sparkle can be beautifully showcased. When purchasing such a pair, ensure they come with certificates of authenticity to verify their natural origin and quality, providing confidence in their value and appeal for your jewelry designs.