About Us - Direct From the Source

We Hold One of the Rarest Gem Collections in the Ceylon Gem Industry.

JN Gems (Jagath Nilantha Gems & Lapidary Pvt Ltd) is a life long Gem story that has expanded over 28 Years. JN Gems specializes in providing rare & unique gemstones that are not found plentifully. We oversee the complete process of gems, from extraction to jewellery making.

We are experts in carefully extracting gems and skilled lapidary. Our Gemstones come from areas such as Rathnapura & Pelmadulla. Our miners are highly skilful and experienced.

Our Jewellery enterprise is one of our biggest highlights. We strive for design and craftsmanship excellence. We believe that jewellery design should exceed the imagination and should celebrate cultural beliefs surrounding the stone.

Our success revolves around our expertise, customer satisfaction and care!