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Natural Ice Blue Sapphire 1.66 carat

J N Gems
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Weight (carat): 1.66
Clarity: Loupe clean
Size: 7.5x6.5x4.0 mm
Colour: Ice Blue
Shape and Cut: Oval mix brilliant


Natural Blue Sapphire.

Introducing a natural wonder , the Natural Blue Sapphire. Weighing 1.66 carats, this gem boasts a mesmerizing ice blue color, exuding a serene and enchanting allure. With a medium color intensity, it strikes the perfect balance, captivating the eye without overwhelming. Its oval step cut, measuring 7.5x6.5x4.0mm, showcases the gem's inherent elegance and sophistication.

Whether gracing a piece of jewelry or admired in its natural splendor, this Natural Blue Sapphire is a captivating testament to the beauty of nature's treasures.